Republicans debated in Ohio. The economy barely came up. - Washington Post (blog)

Christie emphasized cuts in safety-net applications such as Social Security, to reduce government spending. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Gov. He's from Oregon, and he misses it.

. Candidates said the language "middle class" exactly twice - along with among individuals was when new Jersey Gov. This originated in a new voter on Facebook, which wondered what Rubio would do to help little businesses.

"It begins through getting leaders which know that the actual economy we are now living in today will be dramatically various in the 1 we had five-years ago" the actual senator replied, before rattling off a simple while focusing group of policy proposals: lowering corporate taxes, improving higher education and learning for you to boost worker skills, imposing the "regulatory budget" upon government along with repealing Obamacare and furthermore the Dodd-Frank economic reforms.

It was obviously a uncommon exchange for any debate in which consigned economic policy to some backseat from best.

Polls continue to exhibit in which Americans care more in regards to the economy compared to some other election issue. Former Florida Gov. Jim Gilmore as well as coming from former Pennsylvania Sen. Chris Christie has been talking about his childhood.

The earlier debate, featuring seven candidates running low inside the polls, has been no better. "If you're one of the 65 % regarding Americans whom feel the particular U.S. Fox Information moderators noted that will they had received more than 3,000 economy-themed questions on Facebook prior for you to the debate. "Jobs" came up twenty times. is about the incorrect track," said James Pethokoukis, a new conservative author for your American Enterprise Institute who might have pushed Republican candidates to deal with worker angst, "what get these debates offered?"

The answer: a new bit of bragging concerning numerous governors' economic records - and also only a few details to assist differentiate the particular candidates' plans to raise the economy likely forward. the consensus winner of that debate, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, in absolutely no way mentioned jobs or possibly the economy in all.

"Way too little discussion" regarding economic growth, the actual conservative commentator Larry Kudlow tweeted following your prime-time debate ended.

Deep into the prime-time Republican presidential debate upon Thursday night, Florida Sen. John Kasich talked up the pro-growth power regarding balancing the particular federal budget.

Several candidates pushed tax cuts, which includes Sen. Scott Walker of Wisconsin along with former Arkansas Gov. Marco Rubio fielded among the actual night's precious few questions concerning the economy. Rick Santorum, who promised to incorporate manufacturing work to help struggling workers without having university degrees.

In prime time, Rubio made probably your most direct pitch in order to workers: "The work that when sustained our center class," he said, "they possibly don't spend sufficient or even they are gone, and also we need someone that realizes that as our nominee."

That's the pitch tailor-made for Cleveland, which in turn Republicans have got furthermore chosen in order to host his or her national convention next year. which is why it's consequently baffling in which neither the particular questioners nor most candidates seemed eager to talk about growth, jobs as well as - as Republicans have been promising to do almost all election cycle - America's beleaguered working class.

In two hours of prime-time debating within Cleveland, the word "economy" showed up ten times. Ohio Gov. Jeb Bush touted energy policy, regulatory reform and also "fixing our immigration system as well as turning it directly into an economic driver."

In the particular early debate, one in the most specifics originated in former Virginia Gov. Furthermore, it raises an extremely Ohio question: When you're likely to debate in the swing state, shouldn't an individual concentrate on the issue which nearly always dominates its elections?

Jim Tankersley handles economic policy pertaining to The Actual Post. Mike Huckabee


New Yorker writer discusses 'terror reaction' to earthquake article -

In that will report, the lady wrote in which reactions in order to the girl first article varied through "terrifying" to "truly terrifying," and also "incredibly terrifying.". I'm extremely sympathetic towards the proven fact that other individuals might certainly not have, as well."

Why did you decide to create 'The really Large One'?   

click to listen

click to end up being able to listen

Were coastal businesses upset in regards to become able to the article?

"I possess certainly heard a little little low degree scuttlebutt and also murmuring of, 'Oh, realtors are heading being consequently angry, and coastal companies tend to be heading to be upset.' A Person know, I am not necessarily in virtually any way convinced that folks needs in order to be upset," your woman said.

As for people who're threatening in order to move, she noted that each place offers inherent dangers.

"As my friends along with family members could tell you I have grow to end up being able to be a huge evangelist for seismic safety," Schulz said. When something happens inside the center of the night and a person are there you don't must scramble to have out of the place you've barely been as well as have no idea how you can move out involving extremely well."

"The entire thing ended up being surprising to end up being able to me. However it took a writer with regard to The Newest Yorker that deftly blended lyrical prose using sobering facts to drive home precisely how horrific a new Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake could possibly be for every and also every certainly one of us which lives west with the Cascade Mountain Range.

What's next?

Schulz accustomed to live in Portland but still spends the woman's summers in Oregon browsing family as well as friends. Have you heard something coming from those schools after the article published?

"This can become a real issue where there tend to be issues that they can do regarding it," the girl said. "We get simply no idea."

-- Kathryn Schulz, "The Actually Huge One" (The New Yorker, July 20, 2015)

Schulz said she has a couple of tasks within the works, but very first she's heading to become able to Central Oregon for you to hike the actual Cascades.

The reaction ended up being indeed thus strong which Schulz wrote any follow-up article, outlining how Northwest residents may remain safe when the earthquake hits. Your response to that particular is, OK, we live within this region, we confront that will risk. It's planning to produce a very major earthquake. Still, the girl mentioned the girl had no idea which there is the threat involving an earthquake in the region until just two years ago.

In "The Truly Huge One," Kathryn Schulz describes specifically what sort of 9.0 earthquake would decimate Portland, Seattle and the coast - taking out roads and bridges, cutting electricity as well as water, and also wiping out nearly every little thing in the tsunami inundation zone.

"Wineglasses, antique vases, Humpty Dumpty, hip bones, hearts: what breaks rapidly typically mends slowly, if in all. Thanks a excellent deal for scaring your holy heck out of all associated with us.' I suppose I must have seen which coming."

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New Yorker article upon NW quake trending

Schulz said it likely won't affect business, similarly in order to when the tsunami evacuation route signs had been initial installed along the coast.

"When this challenge ended up being 1st identified and DOGAMI went as well as began putting up tsunami evacuation route indicators almost all up and along the coast, there get been a new variety of communities where individuals took chainsaws to those things," the lady said. This kind of has been frightening. Anyone are capable involving doing the majority of of which in a weekend."

"I didn't actually observe it coming from all," said Schulz, that works for the New Yorker mainly as a book critic. "I'm a large consumer regarding news and listen towards the radio and I had never heard about this. Currently obviously here we have been nevertheless many years later as well as those indicators are usually just about all up. "I'll be honest together along with you - I failed to anticipate the type of terror reaction," your woman said. I had literally never heard there had been clearly any major fault line within the region," the lady said. "I just somehow didn't glom to the undeniable fact that it might become read as kind of a horror story concerning the Pacific Northwest."

"I get not really along with I wish in which I had," your woman said. "They believed these folks were planning to negatively affect businesses, negatively affect property values.  Along With they just didn't want the info out there and so they actually chainsawed those things down. It's not hard, right? The Actual inundation zone can be not truly that wide. Via my perspective, doing something like moving schools out with the inundation zone -- it's chump adjust inside the scheme of what we like a nation spend money on."

How do 'The really Large One' change your life?  

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She stated the largest alter on her personally is when she approaches likely towards the Oregon coast.

PORTLAND, Ore. You're much better off becoming prepared compared to sticking your head within the sand."

"It really is different how I feel regarding going for the coast," the girl said. The Particular initial surprise had been that will I could have got lived out here regarding so really long and in addition have therefore many relatives and also buddies out here as well as in absolutely no way recognized with regards to it," she said.

 "When could it be going to happen? It's only a fundamental truth with regards to earthquakes. "I was really surprised to understand that will many emergency responders for your town of Portland don't reside within the city of Portland. Unlike essentially each some other natural disaster, we cannot in just about any way predict them," she said. -- Media outlets throughout the particular Northwest are already talking about the potentially devastating impact of your huge looming earthquake regarding years. Both a person get out of the inundation zone and you're fine or perhaps you cannot move out and in addition you truly are not fine. "One of the particular most widespread comments I heard was, 'Oh my gosh, this was terrifying. And Also you're just safe. she spoke with KGW in regards for you to the article's unexpected impact, the method it changed the girl life, and also why we must stop freaking out about the "Really big One."

"I mean, everywhere you're going inside the world there's several risk degree regarding something. This particular ended up being alarming. you obtain a mile as well as therefore back, a couple miles back, rather than creating a lovely beachfront property you've a new property with an amazing view. "It's a new main fault line. There are a large amount of rather easy really affordable, going in free, ways to take really serious steps in order to protect oneself that really do make the difference and also create a difference. Nobody seems to vandalize them, and also guess what.  The idea offers not made virtually any distinction in any kind of way for the coastal economy."

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"When I initial learned about this issue a couple of years ago, I had no idea. The Actual response for you to that should not really be blind panic or perhaps obliviousness. Ninety-nine % of that time period it doesn't matter. when I go and also I invest the night, I really deliberately choose places that are usually not inside the inundation zone. "Obviously a quantity of the most disturbing data and information from that will story arrive in the tsunami inundation zone inside the coastal region, where it really is stark. I do identify your evacuation routes just before I go. "I do within fact pester the folks I love and sometimes total strangers in regards to end up being able to the basics, regarding bolting their houses down, and also strapping down their particular water heaters and becoming an earthquake kit."

What did you learn in which surprised you the actual most?

Schulz stated the girl hopes that, as opposed to being terrified, residents inside the Northwest will approach your earthquake risk rationally.

"I'm hoping for you to clean up my backpack and move out in order to Mount Jefferson, away from phones as well as the web as well as reaction in order to earthquake calls," your woman stated and also laughed.

"I enjoy science along with I ended up being fascinated through the scientific detective story that unfolds and the discovery of the Cascadia Subduction Zone," the girl said.

Were a person surprised from the reaction? 

Kathryn Schulz

(Photo: The Brand Name New Yorker)

The analysis associated with how Oregon students within the tsunami inundation zone would have a difficult time evacuating was especially sobering. OSSPAC estimates that will in the I-5 corridor it's likely to just take between one and also 90 days following your earthquake to revive electricity, a new month in order to annually to revive drinking drinking water as well as sewer service, six months to always be able to annually to bring back significant highways, and also eighteen a few months to restore health-care facilities." 

What is actually usually the actual one takeaway you wish people would maintain onto?

Schulz stated the primary one one who surprised her one of the most was Carmen Merlo, Portland's head associated with emergency management.

What concerns do you'll still have?

"Every time she opened your ex mouth, the lady surprised me," Schulz said. "I don't go with no knowledge of exactly the approach to obtain out. Nevertheless within the event regarding an earthquake exactly where suddenly you can easily not acquire to in areas you need being for you to reply in an ambulance, in order to react in the firetruck, suddenly which can be a crisis."

click to listen

Schulz's intent, however, wasn't in order to scare the actual living daylights from us


A Very (Un)Helpful 7-Step Guide To Overcoming Writer's Block - UPROXX

time for you to write!

HERE I GO, HERE I GO, HERE I GO AGAIN. An hour, tops. Yet we could handle this. Suits will be on in an hour. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT THIS IMMEDIATELY.


Alright. We'll just overlook the ticking and focus on our writing. I mean, sure, it'll obtain just a new little heat within here using the air conditioning off, yet Dickens didn't have air conditioning, and also that guy wrote any ton associated with stuff. Maybe the heat will get the brain cells flowing. It's happened for you to everybody with 1 point or even another. We don't want to obtain lulled to nap here. As Well As then when we come back... This kind of isn't working. Yup, just over here, focusing on the writing, not really thinking about air conditioner. Let's consider utilizing a free-writing exercise to get the ball rolling. Real words on the page! Not Really a single 1 strongly related our subject (or anything, pertaining to which matter), nevertheless it's actually a start!

There we go. The Actual sun hits the main window inside the late afternoon, and it creates a really nice, relaxing environme-... Definitely not thinking about the ticking. Only have to figure out how to st-...


But... Gonna begin composing this first sentence just about any second now. We'll just write whatever pops directly into our head for your next a couple of minutes. but that's okay. Then we'll be capable of concentrate on our writing. Let's undergo it together. Which, again, is preposterous. CHILLIN', CHILLIN', MINDING MY BUSINESS...

"What do you believe that they call the actual city hall inside Kansas City? Kansas Town City Hall? That's just ridiculous. Hope just isn't lost!

A-HA! Let's just flip air conditioner off! That'll solve the ticking issue! The Particular there'll become nothing to prevent us from starting to write. over the past couple of years, I've developed this little 7-step help guide to overcoming writer's block, and now I'm going to talk about it together with you. As Well As almost all which dilly-dallying can be out of our own systems. Laser focused. There's no reason within banging our heads contrary in order to the wall.

Okay, enough screwing around. it's just like eight p.m. And Also which the particular hell determined to place a second Kansas Area inside Missouri? This kind of means there are at least a pair of buildings in two different states known as 'Kansas Metropolis City Hall.' for the adore regarding God, Midwest."


STEP 6: Just Take a new brief break to be able to clear your current mind.

Ugh. I like to compose within my living room. What if we lose our inspiration?! No, possibly better to just refer for you to it as a day now, as opposed to risk it.

[30 minutes pass, is now rapping in to empty h2o bottle]

Aaaaaaaaand time! Appear with that. We'll turn the particular AC back on, nevertheless we'll play a little songs to end up being able to drown out the particular ticking. wait, what's that ticking sound? Can Be it the environment conditioner? Oh wow, that's really annoying. Paragraph one, here we come. That's it! a small relaxing music. Okay. Let's just stick for the previous standard.

Writer's block. The Actual cursor taunting a person using its unrelenting blinking, the quantity regarding time flying by as your own deadline approaches, the particular growing a sensation of dread. It's miserable just about all around, and can leave you sensation unproductive as well as incompetent.

[creates '90s hip-hop as well as R&B playlist]




STEP 2: Get Rid Of distractions.

[skips track]

STEP 4: Attempt creating whatever pops to your head.

But tomorrow morning? Then it is going to be time for you to write!

OH GOD. Perfect composing conditions, finally.

Crap.. Yet 'Kansas Town Hall' doesn't help make sense, either. Maybe several smooth jazz as well as something.

STEP 5: become a master of one's subject.


[creates top 40 hits playlist]

[skips track]

Any location will do, so long while you can focus about the job at hand. Believe Dickens!

[watches entire three-hour marathon of Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, will get hungry, drives twenty minutes towards the diner a couple of towns more than that will puts the actual little cranberries in their chicken salad, stops at Ikea around the means home to look with couches although existing couch can be perfectly fine]

We're off as well as writing! Now only a quick zip to Wikipedia for any fact examine of one little thing inside the opening. two seconds.

[five minutes later]

There we are.

STEP 3: Produce the mood conducive to creativity.

[45 minutes later]

One positive aspect regarding wasting the whole day: This is currently cool sufficient outside for you to shut off the AC and also remain comfortable! Simply No a lot more ticking, absolutely no more oppressive heat, simply no dependence on which distracting music. Thirty minutes. Just sufficient to end up being able to reboot the actual thinker. Tends For You To Make it sound similar to it can be the city Hall its Kansas, such as the state is nevertheless one giant municipality. NO HUMAN ALIVE COULD WRITE UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES. GIRLS, WHAT'S MY WEAKNESS? MEN. No, it's probably the really first way. We are capable involving doing this!

... Let's just take just a little break and are usually available back again refreshed. time in order to write. Don't wanna begin off having a mistake. Regardless Involving Whether you're a new senior substantial school student working in a magazine report, or perhaps a center manager assembling any memo, or perhaps a huge fancy author working in your fifth novel, you surely understand the feeling. We'll by zero means obtain any kind of creating carried out as involving this rate. Approach way also many Citys. Let's attempt some thing a little much more peppy, to maintain the ol' brain sharp.


Here we go. Wow, it is actually really warm up fast throughout here. We really have to get started now. man, this station could be a little as well soothing. OKAY THEN. Begin the particular clock!

STEP 1: find a quiet place to think.

STEP 7: Understand when to cut the losses.

[skips track]

[opens Pandora, creates smooth jazz station]

Luckily, I am here in order to help. how anyone can start...

[turns air conditioning off]

Okay, here's your plan. We can't miss Suits! and we do not wanna get to avoid within the center regarding composing if the demonstrate starts. It's just..


Listen Now! Exclusive Track from Donna McKechnie's New CD -

and Lexington Avenue.

The total track record for your new recording follows:

HUSTLE/WHERE OR WHEN/NATIVE NEW YORKER thank a person a excellent deal I see some old friends UPTOWN-DOWNTOWN (Follies) also ironically WHAT MORE DO I NEED? (Saturday Night) THE MORNING AFTER ("The Poseidon Adventure") as I keep within mind I NEVER KNOW WHEN (Goldilocks) ah yes, these folks were becoming interchangeable YOU'RE MOVING OUT TODAY WHERE DO YOU START ("Just In Between Friends") Marvin Hamlisch had been certainly one of the AT THE BALLET (A Chorus Line) ASTAIRE so there I am in the Shubert Theatre you know within the starting BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME ("Easter Parade") of course he was right I GOT LOST IN HIS ARMS (Annie get Your Current Gun) oh so I'm any late bloomer HATE / LOVE NEW YORK thank a person TIME IN Any BOTTLE thank you, wow, exactly what a WITH SO LITTLE TO BE SURE OF (Anyone Can Easily Whistle)

McKechnie won your ex Tony Award on your ex behalf performance in a Chorus Line.

Click here to purchase on iTunes. Barnes & Noble is actually situated from 86th St.

. ten in 7 PM. Click on here pertaining to details via Jay Records.


Additional recordings and other theatrical memorabilia are generally offered at The Particular Playbill Store.



By .(JavaScript has to always be able to be enabled to be able to view this e-mail address)

03 Aug 2015

Click here pertaining to details. Listen Now! Exclusive track coming from Donna McKechnie's New CD

Date To:



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News: US/Canada

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Donna McKechnie, your Tony-winning triple threat that recently stood by simply for Chita Rivera inside the Tony-nominated musical Your Visit, will launch your ex most recent CD, "Same Place, Yet Another Time," upon JAY Records.

Recorded are now living in September 2013 in London's Angel Studios, the manufacturer new disc also consists of anecdotes coming from McKechnie's award-winning career.

Listen to some clip from your CD, in which McKechnie recalls the woman's lifestyle inside disco-era Manhattan, woven throughout with the songs "The Hustle," "Where or even When" and "Native New Yorker."

McKechnie will celebrate the release having a performance as well as CD signing from Barnes & Noble bookstore inside Manhattan Aug. McKechnie will probably be joined by simply music director Steve Marzullo for that performance, which will be followed by method of a CD signing


Bevel brings another dimension to smartphone photography - Gizmag

The minimum pledge add up to reserve a new Bevel, charging cable, calibration card, Bevel app along with usage of Cashew is actually $49, along with deliveries estimated for early the coming year assuming just about all would go to plan.

Sticking together with exactly what it knows, Toronto-based matter and also Form has established Bevel, an accessory that will turns smartphones along with tablets directly into 3D cameras. The Particular company has passed US$120,000 on the method to the $200,000 marketing campaign goal, together with approximately 3 weeks left for you to run. The Particular optimum topic length can be at present about one m (3.3 ft), the the team is actually looking to bring the capacity to be able to capture buildings as well as entire cities in a long term release.. Unlike the 3D Scanner the particular team introduced last year, Bevel isn't particularly intended pertaining to creating comprehensive 3D models involving objects regarding 3D printing or animating, however for capturing every day events which are able to always be shared in 3D.

Source: Make A New Difference as well as Form, Kickstarter

Bevel connects to end up being able to iOS or even Android devices by way of the headphone jack and also allows customers to always be able to capture three-dimensional images with out far more effort compared to using your own regular photograph. Images can be rotated inside your apps in order to could possibly get just the proper angle and can be also turned into animated GIFs as well as saved to be used later throughout an animation or perhaps 3D printing project -although the particular team says it truly is nevertheless ironing out the facts on precisely how 3D printing compatibility will work.

As having its 3D Scanner, Issue as well as Form offers prioritized affordability along with Bevel and it has gone your crowdfunding route for you to raise funds in order to obtain the device into production. The Actual device packs an eye-safe laser which the photographer pans over the subject for you to capture depth information, while the mobile device's camera takes a photo as normal. Bevel will be powered by simply its own rechargeable battery so won't drain the particular mobile device it's connected to.

The resulting image may then be observed within your Bevel app and in addition the company's app, Cashew, that allow users to share 3D photographs throughout places similar to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, as well as Pinterest.

The option of device to be able to pair with Bevel will create a difference for you to image quality, along with Make a Difference and Form recommending a device by getting an accelerometer along using a gyroscope, and Kit-Kat or perhaps higher with regard to Android devices along with iOS or perhaps higher pertaining to iOS devices


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